Practice administration can be defined as all the tasks and responsibilities that we need to meet, but were not trained to do in our medical studies. So if you were trained to be a surgeon, doctor, physiotherapist etc, then leave the rest to us, and do what you do best with your time.

PROFFESSA Health Services offers the following modular service offerings :

Planning to start a new practice?

PHS has an up-start program, where we take the pains out of this process, by:

  • Assisting with all registrations, including HPCSA, BHF and SARS
  • Advice on what business structure to set your practice up in
  • Structuring your business plan, financial forecasts and budgets
  • Ensuring compliance with all regulations, including the Health Professions Council of SA

To arrange an assessment of your needs and to plan the way forwards, please email me directly

6 Responses to “PRACTICE ADMIN”

  1. Deon Buhrs says:

    Glad to finally have this service up and running on our website. I look forward to your responses, or questions.

  2. Waldo says:

    I was privileged to attend your “Roadshow” on 01?10?2011 in Port Elizabeth.
    I found the content of the day very applicable and informative to me as a private practice owner. Attending the day was most rewarding to me.
    I would most definitely?recommend any physiotherapist owning a private practice, if at all possible try and attend such a course presented by Deon Buhrs when it might be presented in your close proximity.
    Waldo le Roux

    • Deon Buhrs says:

      Thank you for your positive comments – It was a pleasure presenting. If anyone requires a course, please contact me so that we can arrange one in your area.

  3. Elmien Hugo says:

    At last! A medical professional who likes business.? I will be using Proffessa to streamline the way my practice runs so that I only have to worry about being the best physio and not worry about the business side.? I think the service that Deon offers is brilliant and he really takes everything into account in his approach.? I already learnt a lot at the course he offered in PE in October 2011 and can’t wait to have a “Proffessa-managed” practice.

  4. Joan says:

    I am a C4/5 Incomplete Quad. My medical Aid stopped paying for?my chronic medication at the end of August stating that quadriplegia is not a PMB.? Deon advised me that Cervical Vertebrae Dislocation is a PMB condition and that PMB Legislation and benefits are determined by The Department of Health and not Medical Aids.? I quoted Deon on a few issues and conquered the Medical Aid Beast.? Thank you Deon, they are now paying for my medication. I could not have done this without your help.?