PROFFESSA Health Services is a proud distributor of the PALS Platinum range of electrodes. This range not only includes high quality, stainless steel-woven self adhesive electrodes, but also the Blue PALS Hypo-allergenic electrodes (as used standardly with the APS Therapy Device).

The application of self adhesive surface electrodes makes using electrical stimulation devices simple, easy and quick. There is no need to strap on the electrode to keep them in place. The high quality material used to make up the PALS electrodes ensures an even distribution of electrical current for maximal comfort and the least amount on skin irritation.

PALS Platinum Electrodes combine a patented stainless steel knit fabric and gel construction with an exclusive impedance compensation system.

Designed for all FES and TENS applications, PALS Platinum Electrodes are available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Special features of the Blue PALS Platinum Electrodes

  • Best gel choice for extremely sensitive skin
  • Designed for TENS and muscle stimulation applications
  • Used over hairy areas ability to reach down to the skin

PROFFESSA Health Services offers a next-day delivery service for all electrode orders.
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