Electrical stimulation is used in the rehabilitation environment, to assist in improving the muscle activity of paralyzed or weak muscles. This can be done using a low intensity current in a controlled manner, taking issues like spasticity, sensation changes and weakness into account. Electrical stimulation is only effective in persons with injury to the brain or spinal cord, and therefore includes those with Stroke, Head Injury, Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Spinal Cord Injury(T12 and above) and Parkinson’s Disease.

These stimulators typically run off a 9 volt battery, use self adhesive electrodes to attach to the skin, over the area that requires stimulation, and are wither internally or externally controlled. By placing the electrode pads over the required muscles or nerves, one can target a specific movement or function.

Our range of stimulators are CE Approved, and are licensed for sale in South Africa by the Department of Health. These are imported from Salisbury, England, where they are developed clinically and manufactured by Odstock Medical Ltd.

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