PHS Newsletter #1
March 11, 2011 @ 1:43 pm
posted by Deon

Dear Clinician

I am pleased to finally greet you with our new look newsletter, and to inform you of the “going’s-on” at PHS.

PROFFESSA Health Services has officially launched its value added service to all clinicians. We are able to assist you in any of your non-clinical practice issues. This includes:

  • Accounts Management
    • Capturing of your accounts daily and submitting these through to the medical aids on your behalf
    • Collection of accounts and following these up with the medical aids and patients
    • Handing over of stubborn accounts to debt collectors, under your instruction
  • Financial Management
    • Full audit level practice books of accounts on a monthly basis, enabling you to keep a pulse on the health of your practice in real-time
    • Full management reports (standard and custom built) to you on a monthly basis
    • SARS Compliance regarding VAT and Company Tax
  • Human Resource Management – for all your HR requirements
    • Employment contracts
    • Payroll management
    • Payslip generation
    • SARS Compliance regarding PAYE, UIF and SDL

This service offering is in a modular format, allowing you to choose those elements of your practice for which you require an outsourced solution.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your individual needs, or to arrange a free analysis of your practice.


  • Practice assessment for
    • Areas of risk
    • Areas where profitability can be improved
    • Strategic analysis in taking your practice forwards
  • Practice evaluation for
    • Assessing the current value of your business
    • Planning for change in partnership arrangements
    • Succession planning
    • Career pathing within your practice

I look forward to hearing from you and trust that we can partner together in taking your practice strongly forwards into the future of uncertainty.

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