New PALS clinical electrodes available in South Africa
March 15, 2011 @ 9:54 am
posted by Deon

I received a package from the US last week, containing sample packs of self adhesive electrodes. Although they are from my usual supplier in the US, being Axelgaard Manufacturing, I was not too sure about this New Patented PALS Clinical Electrode with DermaFlow Hydrogel!, as the included marketing material indicated. So I decided to test these electrodes for robustness, their ability to maintain contact, and the comfort of electrical stimulation after abusing the electrodes somewhat. This is what I did:

3 days of non-stop use of the electrode (5cm x 5cm square), placed firstly over the popliteal fold of my leg (the fold behind your knee), with baggy pants on over them. Now for those of you who have used electrodes for Functional Electrical Stimulation, you will know that this is the most challenging way to wear the electrodes, as the constant knee bending, and rubbing of the clothing usually results in the electrode rolling up, and sticking to the inside of your pants rather than on your leg!

Well, with some changes of position to suit the social environment I was in (got tired of people guessing that I was trying to quit smoking with my patch on), and even with leaving the electrode overnight off the plastic to “dry out”, I was still able to apply this new electrode without any water to the skin or electrode, with good stickiness, and comfortable stimulation!

Although there is some residual Hydrogel remaining on the skin with this sort of extreme use, these was no apparent changes in comfort of electrical stimulation, even after purposefully destroying the Hydrogel layer (I would not recommend this though).

Verdict : a nice, more robust self adhesive electrode for use on standard and hyper sensitive skins. Works well with difficult electrode placements.

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  1. Nelhendriks says:

    Can the puls electrodes be used with a APS machine