Penny’s story
November 29, 2010 @ 8:24 am
posted by Deon

What a win!

I was diagnosed with MS in 2000. That was not the win. I was only given permission from the medical aid to use Betaferon in 2008. A bit of a win. By then MS was beginning to dominate my life, although not without trying to keep it in the back seat. MS had and still has, taken away the active, able person I used to be and has made everything a physical and emotional challenge, despite my daily swim and exercise routine. I am reliant on loved ones around me, and an electronic wheelchair. My lack of co-ordination and balance do not allow for me to walk unassisted. Falling is a daily occurrence. Not a win.

Searching through the internet and discovering Deon Buhrs and the functional electronic stimulator was The Win. I now wear a device called a Pace. This allows my droopy foot to have a walking action and the falling is about non-existent. Unfortunately the electronic wheelchair still serves a purpose when the ground is uneven or when I need to go a distance, BUT, otherwise I walk with one crutch!

I am upright, meet people making eye contact and am more confident. A win!

MS and its backpack of fatigue and other goodies, do often still unpack and influence me, making me weary and teary, but the boost the Pace has given me psychologically and physically, allows me to get up and go after a short rest. What a win!

Penny Halstead

(MS status – Secondary Progressive)