Robert’s story
September 30, 2010 @ 3:09 pm
posted by Deon

It has been nine months since I started using the Odstock stimulator, and it has drastically improved my quality of life.

I have damage to the nerves that control the left arm and leg as a result of a neck injury which also means that I also suffer from the “dropped foot syndrome”. Walking became incredibly difficult, and resulted in severe back ache and a painful right hip as I tried to compensate by pushing off the right leg during my walking action. My work, social life and interaction with my children started to deteriorate because of this situation. I was not able to wear any other shoes than boots that provided extra support and improved my balance.

The Odstock stimulator immediately started to address this by making it much easier to walk (by lifting the left foot reducing the need to compensate by pushing off the right leg) and this resulted in the pain in my back and hip almost subsiding completely. Physically the muscles in my left leg are now almost the same size as those of my right leg. I now often travel for work purposes without fearing the long walks at the airports, I partake in short hikes with my friends and family, and I am able to kick a rugby/soccer ball with my young son. Now that I have gained more confidence, I am now able to wear shoes and sandals and hardly ever wear boots.

Thank you, Deon for your friendly assistance and advice, and please let me know in what way I can help to spread the good news.